"Angklung is not just a musical instrument, it is a symbol of unity, a voice that brings people together, a celebration of our cultural heritage."


Rhythms of Tradition: The Pulse of the Angklung Hamburg Orchestra

The Angklung Hamburg Orchestra (AHO) is a symphony of sound and culture, born from the passion and dedication of Indonesian students at Technische Universität Hamburg (TUHH) in 2002. With a mission to share the mesmerizing melodies of the traditional Indonesian Angklung instrument with the world, AHO is a platform where artistic expression and cultural preservation unite.

Featuring around 25 members from all walks of life, including Indonesian elementary school children, university students, and even professionals, AHO is more than just a musical ensemble. It is a community of individuals bound by a common goal to showcase the beauty and harmony of Indonesian culture through the rhythm of the Angklung.

For its members, AHO is not just a place to make music, but a creative outlet where the soul of Indonesian heritage is celebrated and shared with German residents and beyond. Join the Angklung Hamburg Orchestra on a journey of discovery as they bring the captivating sounds of the Angklung to the world.

Past Events

Arabic Culture Week 2022

At the opening ceremony of the 16th Arabic Culture Weeks 2022 held in the Hamburg town hall, AHO had the honor to take part and make music along with other musicians. After the powerful Indonesian opening song “Lalayaran + Hariring Haleuang Tembang”, the Arabic song “Lamma Bada Yatathanna”, as well as the musical hit “Mamma Mia” were performed.

Elbphilharmonie 2022

Anniversary Concert: 70 Years of Diplomatic Relationship between Indonesia and Germany

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the cooperation between Indonesia and Germany, AHO performed in the Recital Hall of the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg in June 2022. For the first time, AHO collaborated with Angklung Orchestra Berlin (AOB) and presented a broad variety of songs: from traditional Indonesian music to movie soundtracks to English and German pop songs. The months-long preparation brought the two groups closer and opened doors to potential future projects.

Silkroad Festival 2019

In 2019, AHO performed at two events of the SILK ROAD Festivals, along with the Gamelan group “Margi Budoyo”. The festival offered a unique experience where music meets art, tradition meets innovation and east meets west.

The yearly event is greatly appreciated by the city of Hamburg and is supported by many German foundations.

Angklung In Concert 2017

Music for humanity: Around the World, Through the time

“Angklung in Concert” with the motto “Around the World, Through the Time” was a charity concert held on April 22nd 2017 at Miralles-Hall in Hamburg. The aim of the concert was to show solidarity to the Syrian refugees impacted by the Syrian war. Furthermore, the concert also hosted the “Oriental Band” also to perform as guests, presenting classical oriental music.

The concert was supported by PPI Hamburg (Indonesian Students Association in Hamburg). It was sold out and brought a profit of more than 4.000€. The money was donated to “Islamic Relief Deutschland”, who cooperated with the German Humanitarian Aid and the German-Syrian community. The main event of the concert was divided in two sessions to symbolize a journey of Indonesian children who traveled away from their home country far to the wide world and through the time.

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