"Unveiling Our Story: A Symphony of Identity and Unity"


"Discovering Our Purpose Through Sound: A Journey to Cultural Harmony"

Nestled among the towering bamboo groves of Indonesia, the soulful melodies of the Angklung have echoed for centuries. And now, these captivating rhythms have found a new home in Hamburg, carried there by the dedicated Indonesian students of Technische Universität Hamburg.
Through the Angklung Hamburg Orchestra (AHO), these students have brought the traditional music of their culture to a wider audience, with a mission to promote the beauty of the Angklung to German residents. Comprising of around 25 members from diverse backgrounds, ranging from elementary school children to professionals, the AHO is more than just a musical ensemble - it is a testament to the power of cultural preservation through art. The Angklung may be an ancient instrument, but in the hands of the AHO, it becomes a beacon of cultural preservation and artistic expression.
With each strike of the bamboo tubes, the AHO carries the legacy of the Angklung to new heights, inspiring and captivating audiences with its unique harmonies. Join us as we follow the Echoes of Bamboo, brought to life by the Angklung Hamburg Orchestra
Elbphilharmonie (Kaistudios), June 2022

"Harmonizing Cultures: A Musical Journey of Unity"

Promoting cultural exchange
By representing Indonesian culture in Europe, AHO helps to promote cultural exchange between Indonesia and Germany. This exchange not only enriches the cultural landscape, but also helps to foster understanding and respect between different cultures.
Preserving Indonesian traditions
Angklung is a traditional Indonesian instrument and playing it helps to preserve this important part of Indonesian culture. By promoting the use of angklung and other traditional instruments, AHO helps to ensure that the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia is passed on to future generations.
Building a sense of community
Playing music together is a powerful way to build a sense of community. AHO serves as a community for people of Indonesian descent, providing a space for them to come together and connect with their cultural heritage as well as with people of other cultural backgrounds. Despite the distance and cultural differences, they strive to build a sense of community and support each other through the shared experience of music. 
In conclusion, AHO’s mission to represent Indonesian culture in Europe is important in many ways. It helps to promote cultural exchange, preserve traditional Indonesian music and instruments, and build a sense of community among the Indonesian diaspora.